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SAT Tutor : EDA .  Graduate Boshorus University Chemistry. She studied in Canada many years
Barış  : Graduate ITU- Chemistry. PHd Boshorus university. 

I. Structure of Matter
    •  Sub-atomic Particles
    •  Atomic Theory
    •  Quantum Theory
    •  Electron Configuration
    •  Orbital Types
    •  Lewis-Dot Diagrams
    •  Bond Types
    •  Bond Order and Energy
    •  Periodic Trends of Elements
    •  VSEPR and Molecular Geometry
    •  Decay processes and Half Life
    •  Nuclear Reactions
    •  Nuclear Fission and Fusion
    •  Binding Energy


II. State of Matter
    •  Boyle‘s, Charles’ and Lussac‘s Gas Laws
    •  Idea Gas Law
    •  Inter-molecular Forces

III. Chemical Reactions and Stoichiometry 
    •  Naming Chemical Compounds
    •  Writing Molecular Formulas
    •  Balancing Equations by Inspection
    •  Percent Composition
    •  Empirical Formulae and Molecular Formulas
    •  Moles and Molar Mass 
    •  Calculations from Balanced Equations


IV. Acids and Bases and Chemical Equilibria
    •  Concentration Calculations
    •  Solution Properties
    •  Acid and Base Definition
    •  pH and Acid/BaseStrength
    •  Bronsted-Lowry Reactions
    •  Solubility Product Constant Ksp 



V. Chemical Kinetics

      Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gases

      Dalton’s Law

      Boyle‘s, Charles and Ideal Gas Laws

      Phase Changes

      Boiling Point and Vapor Pressure

      Rate Laws and Half Life

      Activation Energy


VI. Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry

  • Laws of Thermodynamics
  • Hess’Law
  • Spontaneity
  • Enthalpies and Entropies 
  • Heat Transfer

VII. Redox and Electrochemistry

      Redox Reactions

      Balancing Redox Reactions

      Electrolysis and Non-spontaneous Reactions

      Electrode Potentials

      Ecell, DG, and Keq

      Ecell vs. T-Nernst Equation

      Batteries and Chemical Reactions

      Corrosion: Unwanted Voltaic Cells


VIII. Organic Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry

      Classifying Organic Compounds

      Reaction of Organic Compounds


IX. Laboratory

      Lab Techniques

      Data and Error Analysis

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