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IBSAT   mission : BE REALISTIC, DEMAND THE IMPOSSIBLE for our students.

Hello Dubai

After Istanbul, California, Zurich and Milano, now we come to Dubai.

We handpick our tutors from our best instructors who have scored highly on SAT or ACT. We’ll help you create a customized tutoring plan for one on one online or in person lessons. If you want, we may send our tutors in your home for Dubai.  
Our teachers in Dubai are professional IB experts and examiners.


Our Free University Consultancy for US Applications is in tandem with Pacific Consultancy ( Based in CA - Palo Alto – under the guidance of former admission officers of Stanford - UCLA. )

Free UK University Application Advisors: We make all your application process with official representatives of UK universities.

Why wouldn’t your children study in the best International Medicine Faculty in Europe?  Best EU universities tuition fees are around 600 Euros per year.

Practice exams make you perfect. We offer you free practice exams and tests for ACT and SAT.

If you need assistance with your IB internal assessments, Math Expo or any help with your extended essays regardless of the IB course you have chosen, we are the right address.


IB Lectures with IB Examiners and IB professionals. High scores . Solve your  IB IA problems with IB Examiners.  Math Expo, IB Phys Lab A. Bus- Econ IA etc.

Study AP Exams with AP instructors 1-1 lessons.  Make practice exam real AP multiple choice exam, Free response exam..

AP Calculus BC,  AP mechanics, AP Bio, AP Chem, all subjects

SAT & ACT courses. All lessons 1-1. Make practice exam real sat- act  exams.

All of our teachers have highest score ACT ,SAT exams. That's why we are different



Apply US and UK with our University Advisors services. Last year many of our students get scholarship from  US.,Europe and Turkish universities from departments such a Medicine , engineering.  Apply to Medicine Faculty in Europe for a tuition fee of 600 Euros /Year.

1-1 lectures. Practice Exams

Home tutoring AP- IB SAT Lectures. Available Istanbul, Milano, Zurich Dubai

You take all Lectures in your home via SKYPE or Facetime.

Delf - French University Application. SAT French , AP French Lessons


Our Tutor graduate MIT, UPEN, DREXEL, LSE, Rotterdam, Munich , METU , Boston, Istanbul etc.

IBSAT Our offices in  Istanbul Asian Side and Etiler European Side.

IBSATDubai office will open soon.For now we have home tutoring services and online education for Emirates students.

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Dogus HARVARD %100 scholar, BERKE Dubai International Exeter LAW

UPEN, Mc Gill, Bocconi, Imperial, Durham

Oxford, UPEN, Mc Gill, Bocconi, Imperial, Durham

Eren Durham Economy

Dilara Çağatay SAT Math 800 Warwick business

Alkım Kibar SAT reasoning 2010 Rochester Universitesi %100 socalor .

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